Special Services for Seniors

Why Us?
Pearson Realty has the experience and the knowledge to assist with the special needs of seniors and their families.  We have an appreciation for the value of seniors’ homes as it relates to their ability to create or perserve a nest egg that can finance retirement, assisted living, or other investments.
Upon request, our in-house legal counsel can review relevant documents such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney to determine a smooth path through the sale process that conforms to both your needs and the terms of existing documents.  We may suggest that other actions be taken to protect you and your family during and after the process.

Finally, although we listen to children and caretakers to gather information about the sale of your home, we acknowledge and never forget we work for the homeowner.  They are the decision makers and we will make sure that it is their wishes that will guide any transaction.
Getting Around
We understand that some seniors have difficulty getting from one place to another.  Be it old knees or the use of a walker, we know that coming to our office might be a challenge for some of our clients.  So we came up with a simple solution, we will come to you.
When documents need to be signed or discussions need to be held to make sure that the deal continues to move rationally forward, we will come to you to do business.  Imagine sitting at your kitchen table with our settlement agent and notary brought to you.
To show that we mean what we say, call us and we will come to your home for our first consultation about your home for free.  No high pressure, no slick sales talk.  Just us dropping by for a cup of coffee and a conversation to help you sell your home.
We keep our senior clients involved and informed.  We do not patronize them or act like age has removed their ability to size up a deal and make a decision.  You will be treated with the respect you deserve.  And if someone is helping you, we will keep them informed regarding the status of the sale and what they need to know to make their assistance more effective.
The best sales scenario is when everyone is informed, cooperative and pulling oars in the same direction to achieve a successful outcome.  We will do our part to keep the ship moving in calm waters.
We will be honest with you regarding the potential value of your home either in its current condition or with some cosmetic changes that can greatly assist in making your home attractive to potential buyers.  We will provide referrals for performing any repair that might be advisable employing our proprietary network of service providers who perform work economically and in a timely manner.
We won’t try to sell your house on the cheap to get a quick sale.  You have spent a lifetime building up equity in your home and we respect that effort, so we will try to maximize the value you receive on sales.
If the homeowner has passed away, we can assist the executor of the estate in selling the home even if the executor is living out of state.  We are familiar with the steps necessary to probate an estate and although we do not perform the services of a probate attorney, we can guide the sale of the home so that the executor’s job is made simpler.
We will even assist in developing the inventory for probating personal property located within the home.  Stated simply, we will see the job through from beginning to end to assist the family, the executor and the heirs in performing what needs to be done.

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