About Us

About Pearson Realty

The market is filled with real estate agents, but quantity and quality are two very different things.  We recognize that our clients expect our full attention and our best efforts to either find them the right house at the right price, or to assist them to sell their existing home at a good price. These are the basics that every consumer should be able to expect from their real estate agent.  But we go further than that.

For Sellers, we will market your property with zealous attention to your needs and the marketplace.  We will not simply try to get a quick sale when that does not serve your needs.  Instead, we will work it and work it until the right buyer is sitting across the table and a good deal is sitting on the table.  And The Pearson Group will help you assess every offer that comes in, to determine whether difficulties might arise that we need to deal with sooner rather than later.  By being committed to making your sale work for you while we anticipate challenges that we will step up to handle, we
will make the selling experience as smooth as possible. 

For Buyers, we will listen to you.  We understand that the purchase of a home is a very personal decision that goes way beyond price.  However, The Pearson Group will help you deal with financing entities, home inspections, and myriad considerations that make purchasing your new home not only a good lifestyle fit, but a good financial fit as well. 

We carefully guide our clients through their process, making ourselves available to deal with marketing, maintenance, offers and counteroffers, pricing, advertising and staging.  The Pearson Group and you are together a team that has one objective, to make your real estate experience successful.

That is our commitment to you.