Becoming A Pearson Agent

teamWhether you are new to the real estate field or are a seasoned a gent, there are many good reasons to talk to us about being your broker.  Some of those reasons are:

Honesty.  We pride ourselves on treating our agents and clients with honesty.  We take our ethical responsibilities seriously and believe that we can be successful and engage in honest dealings at the same time.

Agent Contracts.  Our contracts are drafted in a straightforward, easy-to-read and understand, manner.  There are not reams of fine print and restrictions that make it difficult for our agents to function under a sea of rules and regulations.  And there certainly aren’t any “gotchas” or hidden fees in our contracts, like “desk fees” or “technology fees”.

Our Word.  When we make a deal with our agents we don’t go back and rework it again and again to try to gain some advantage.  We are quite aware of this practice with some of the other brokerages.  Pearson believes that a broken promise to agents ruins the trust that agents must have with their broker.

Opportunity.  Pearson Realty offers myriad lines of business, including residential and commercial sales, leasing and management.  We are able to offer these lines of business because we have the experience and the legal resources to perform professionally, regardless of the setting.

Mentoring.  For new agents, we are both able and willing to provide the information and support that new agents need to be successful.  Our comprehensive written materials provide a step-by-step approach to real estate.  Our commercial team is not an exclusive club and seasoned agents are encouraged to expand beyond residential sales, to become equally proficient in commercial sales and leasing.

Counsel.  Pearson Realty uses in-house counsel to assist in the variety of contract issues which can arise.  You no longer have to worry about whether you are saying or writing the correct thing within contracts.  We provide the tools necessary to build confidence in your deals.

Wealth Building.  Through our agents’ efforts and the opportunities that Pearson provides, we can show you ways to build upon your success to create personal wealth.   No honest broker guarantees success, but Pearson will support your efforts with opportunities and advice.

Investors.  Pearson works with agents who represent real estate investors or investment pools.  If you wish to create a syndicate, we can show you the ways that work best, manage risk, and increase the opportunity for profitability.

On the Side.  Pearson Realty does not mind if real estate is something you do on the side or full time.  We will adjust to your schedule and the only thing that ultimately matters is that you devote enough time to serve our clients’ needs.  

Second Career.  If becoming a real estate agent is a second career for you, we want you to come work with us.   People with a mature and a pragmatic approach to sales are highly desired.  

In short, Pearson Realty will offer a true team approach that is short on smoke n’ mirrors and long on honesty and opportunity.  If that’s the kind of broker you have been looking for, you found us.

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